What could be better than getting your customers to pay faster? Technology has provided many solutions for business owners looking for faster payment, from invoicing apps to online statements and bill paying. The most efficient way to get payments quickly is with Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

SUPERBILL™ is the proven EBPP Champion!!
We have delivered on EBPP solutions for Telkom and Newcastle Municipality and our EBPP product SUPERBILL™ is proven to raise consumer engagement by 30% and reduce document delivery costs by 50%, by providing easy ways for consumers to view and pay bills.

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Technology is evolving so that your customers are spending more and more time online. Consequently, many of them no longer want to receive physical paper bills in the mail.

SUPERBILL EBPP allows you to send them a bill via email. In addition, our software gives your business the ability to monitor a bill’s status so you can see when it has been opened, viewed and paid. Our safe and secure platform offers great benefits to both consumers and business.

Key Benefits


SUPERBILL Web Payments offers your consumers convenient, feature-rich, online payment services branded to you that improves customer satisfaction while encouraging usage of low-cost online self-service.

With online payment systems hosted by SUPERBILL, you can notify consumers that bills are due and direct them to the website where they can view their bill, pay it and turn off the paper bill.


How it Works

SUPERBILL provides a flexible and comprehensive solution to seamlessly invoice customers and receive payments efficiently. An electronic statement is emailed to the customer who then logs in to your company’s branded payment portal. Here they can make a payment, set-up recurring payments and view payment history.

SUPERBILL EBPP includes a number of key features that makes it the best option for business's seeking to streamline their billing processes...

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Get a tour of SUPERBILL™. The demo will show you how:

Online convenience, superior customer billing support, and easy access to billing information is possible through SuperBill
To save money on expensive billing processes, and engage more with customers through internet channels
The SuperBill’s secure online payment processing systems which assures that payments are fully PCI-compliant and audited

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As you can see from the graph below, consumers are increasingly using mobile devices and computers to pay bills. In the "Digital Commerce" segment, in South Africa, the number of users is expected to amount to 25.9m by 2021.


Statistic Highlights

  • Total Transaction Value in the "Digital Payments" segment amounts to US$9,864m in 2017.
  • Total Transaction Value is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 16.2 % resulting in the total amount of US$18,006m in 2021.
  • The market's largest segment is the segment "Digital Commerce" with a total transaction value of US$8,856m in 2017.

Mobile and digital payment channels are growing exponentially, and this financial sector cannot be ignored. Business's need to adapt to digital payment trends; nearly half of all internet households pay their bills online. Move forward with SUPERBILL Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) - The most efficient way to get payments quickly.

Also known as e-billing and electronic billing, Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) is the process of creating and sending invoices that can immediately be paid over the internet or via mobile app.

Electronic bills have two big advantages:

  • they're cheaper and quicker to send, and
  • they're more convenient for customers to pay immediately, since they're already online when they receive the bill.

To pay the bill, the consumer logs into the biller's website. If the bill is sent electronically, it may contain the customer's billing information and a link to the biller's website. For security reasons, though, many billers don't ask consumers to follow links in emails because of the risk of phishing scams. Instead, billers simply send instructions on how to pay online.

When the consumer pays online, they use a debit or credit card and the funds are sent to the biller using the 3DSecure system.

For many businesses, the primary time their customers interact with them is when they are paying. This is especially true for recurring payments. By making this as quick and painless as possible, businesses have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and reduce calls to support.

It can also improve cash flow by sending late payment reminders automatically. Payment reminders can be sent via email and also SMS text. Saving your customers late fees by sending them a reminder via SMS or email benefits both customers and the business.

Give them the ability to click one button to pay and they are highly likely to do so immediately! One of the greatest advantages of SUPERBILL EBPP is the ability to send targeted offers along with invoicing. Mobile loyalty offers can generate additional income.

Increased customer satisfaction results because bill paying becomes painless. Customers find it less stressful and time-consuming to immediately pay upon receipt on their mobile device or when logged in online.

EBPP provides an end-to-end electronic transaction, allowing customers to pay and interact via various channels, including email, mobile telephones, the internet, ATMs and kiosks. It can improve customer service dramatically and build customer loyalty, while providing cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities. The key advantages of EBPP systems are:

  • Convenience for consumers
  • Faster bill payments for billers, improving cash flow
  • Reduction in late or missed payments for billers
  • Electronic consumer dispute resolution can reduce time spent on disputes. Given 50% of all customer service calls go unresolved, reductions in calls is likely to improve customer satisfaction
  • The biller continues to "own" the customer relationship. When the customer pays the bill, they see the biller's branding, and can be targeted for special offers, upgrades, to receive marketing materials and loyalty benefits.

The ability to accurately produce bills and confirmation notices, and collect payments expeditiously is fundamental to corporate success. These applications often provide the most frequent contact that many companies have with its customers. Documents of this type are normally designed for customer convenience and serve as a primary vehicle for marketing, cross selling and overall brand reinforcement. Bill production is much more than a back-office function; it is a strategic differentiator in highly competitive markets.

As a provider of EBPP systems, we see the benefits that EBPP offers billers:

  • an average 15% reduction in missed payments with the introduction of EBPP
  • nearly half of all customers paying their bills the same day they're received

This can increase customer satisfaction with your company, leading to greater brand loyalty. Ease in payment will reduce expenses for support personnel. Beyond that, by sending targeted offers you can generate new sales from your existing customer database.

Companies with recurring payments can increase member retention. Long-term, encouraging your customers to use their mobile devices to pay recurring bills could increase their use for point of sale purchases. By providing an easy way for your customers to pay their bills and interact with you, sales growth will be an added benefit.

For more information about SUPERBILL EBPP, contact our sales team to schedule a demo.

Key Benefits


SUPERBILL will benefit your customers by offering an easy to use web portal, where they can access their invoices and statements or view their billing information and make online bill payments conveniently from home. They will also receive automated account status and balance notifications. Furthermore, they will be able to log billing disputes and report service faults, now that's service.

The list of consumer benefits include:

  • Convenience and ease of bill payment via smartphone, tablet and computer via unique and safe login
  • Customer dashboards provide detailed account information that allows them to view their account information and payment history
  • Receive statements and billing notifications electronically - less paper admin
  • Easy reporting of queries eliminating need to call a helpline or enquiry desk
  • Prompt viewing of payment history and account status

SUPERBILL is geared to work with the needs of your company. It keeps billing processes efficient and has leading edge services to automate billing and collection operations - Saving you time and money!!

The list of business benefits include:

  • Reduces the time associated with bill processing
  • Improves customer service levels and reduces customer service costs
  • Notify customers about their account status easily
  • Manage customer billing and communications conveniently with innovative technology
  • Optimizes working capital - get more done with less resources
  • Improves marketing capabilities - be ahead in a competitive environment
  • Enables settling of billing disputes electronically
  • Reduces inefficiencies in bill processing created by human error
  • Provides convenience whilst reducing the carbon footprint (eco-friendly) - saving time and money
  • Offers business insights and intelligent reporting that keeps you informed

For more information about SUPERBILL EBPP, contact our sales team to schedule a demo.


  • Lite Package
  • 1 000 max customer base
    • Private & Secure EBPP Cloud Platform
    • Client portal dashboard
    • Automated Customer Statements and Bill Runs
    • Business Logo on Billing Documents
    • Receive Secure Customer Payments Online
    • Manage & Control Billing Disputes
    • And More
  • Help Desk Support
  • 2 system users
  • Dynamic Package
  • 5 000 max customer base
  • Light features included plus, account data import and exports, customer account management, automatic payment reminder and more.

  • Help Desk Support
  • 5 system users
  • Super Package
  • 10 000 max customer base
  • Dynamic features included plus, configurable bill runs, customisable bill & email templates, bulk communications and more.

  • SLA Based Support
  • 10 system users
  • Apex Package
  • 50 000 max customer base
  • Super features included plus, white label version with business branding, service desk & projects modules, custom invoices and more.

  • SLA Based Support
  • 20 system users
  • Enterprise Package
  • 100 000 max customer base
  • Apex features included plus, Billing, CRM & ERP systems integration, system user, roles & permissions management.

  • SLA Based Support
  • unlimited system users

To view the different packages in more detail, please download the SuperBill EBPP Detailed Packages document file.

For more information about SUPERBILL EBPP, contact our sales team to schedule a demo.

How It Works


SUPERBILL Raises consumer engagement by 30% and reduce document delivery costs by 50% with easy ways for consumers to view and pay bills.

Implementing SUPERBILL can be done in the 10th of the time it would take to write a new EBPP solution. SUPERBILL has an open architecture, and can be deployed as a presentation layer working on top of your existing ERP system. When you migrate to SUPERBILL, you can do so whilst still running your existing billing. SUPERBILL allows for the interchange of billing data between systems, without disrupting your current operations.

Covering the processing costs that come with EBPP is important, and our solution allows the biller to decide what party bears the fee. There are three options, and we work with each individual client to determine the fee strategy that works best for them:

  • Merchant Absorbed - the merchant takes the responsibility.
  • Convenience Fee - the customer pays a fee at time of bill payment.
  • Hybrid (combination of Absorbed and Convenience) - both parties split the responsibility.

Bills contain sensitive information, so security is our top priority. We comply with industry standards to protect sensitive information in the interest of both our clients and their customers. SUPERBILL EBPP uses best industry practices to maintain compliance with Automated Clearing House Association (ACHA), 3DSecure and PCI DSS regulations.

For more information about SUPERBILL EBPP, contact our sales team to schedule a demo.